Information Technology

Professionally Managed

Datalink Information Technologies was founded in 1992 as a technology consulting company. For over 20 years, we have been designing, building and managing IT solutions for many companies in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Australia.


Success comes from experience. Our team combines deep technology expertise and understands how technology impacts people and processes. We deliver technology solutions that help clients achieve business objectives with agility, speed and certainty.


Addiel Chacon


Prior to joining Datalink, Addiel served as architect and implementer of large scale cloud projects across many industries. He brings an immerse amount of technical experience to any project Datalink designs, builds and manages.

Nicholas M. Nicolaou


Nicholas, founder of Datalink, served in various IT leadership positions in industries such as telecom, retail and media. In addition to Datalink, Nicholas is an angel investor, mentor and consultant for tech startups.

Erik Garcia

Director of Technical Services

Erik started as an intern. He quickly moved on to implementing and managing Datalink’s daily technical operations and datacenter infrastructure.



CEO’s are constantly facing a challenge: meeting their organizations’ high expectations of IT services while controlling costs and preparing IT to meet the future needs of the business. We understand both the challenges and opportunities. Our CIO-as-a-service provides tangible technology strategies to help companies capitalize on emerging options and build IT departments that are capable and future proof.


Today companies are looking for flexibility in IT. From complete transformation of their service delivery model to addressing specific costs or performance issues. In addition, they demand more tangible results from their IT spend and want to streamline their IT operations. Our technical  team expertly implements technology projects throughout their life cycle and makes technology strategies real. Our clients achieve a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to business needs.


Every day, more and more SMBs transition to outsourced managed IT services instead of an in house IT Department. They gain access to a results-driven professional technology management team along with an extensive hosted infrastructure. Organizations can focus on their core competencies and IT becomes a capable and reliable business partner instead of a limiting factor.

We manage constantly evolving technologies in visualization and cloud computing that significantly change the capabilities and capacities of IT services. Faster, more accessible, more secure and more cost-effective datacenters, networks and applications. All working seamlessly together to enable and empower our clients to achieve both their technology and business objectives.


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